5 Benefits of Wood Flooring verses Carpet Flooring

5 Benefits of Wood Flooring verses Carpet Flooring


Two of the most popular choices for flooring is wood flooring or carpet. If you are trying to choose between the two, we point out the many benefits of installing a wooden floor over having carpet laid down.

The Resale Value of Your Home

Wooden flooring can boost the resale value of your home if you are thinking about selling in the future. Today more and more people, especially the younger adults, are turning towards wood flooring as opposed to carpet.

Carpet is now seen as old-fashioned in comparison to the choices of wooden flooring and installing. A wooden floor can help to boost the resale value more than if you carpet your home. It has been suggested that people will spend around $2,000 more for a home that has hardwood floors.

Wooden flooring is popular as it gives a more natural feel and it is more stylish than carpeting.

Easier Maintenance

Wooden flooring is generally a lot easier to maintain than carpet. With carpet, you have to go around picking up large pieces of debris before vacuuming. Carpets also tend to get dirty and this means that either you have to invest in a carpet washer. Either you have to pay someone to come and clean your carpets.

Lighter colored carpets will need a great deal more care than darker ones and wooden floors. With a wooden floor, all you need to do is brush the floor to remove large debris and then occasionally mop the floor. Cleaning a wood floor is generally quicker, easier and is more cost-effective. Wooden flooring is also best in terms of removing spills, as a quick wipe up is all that’s needed. With carpet, spillage tends to seep into the carpet and it can lead to stains.

Good for Asthmatics and Healthier All Round

Carpets tend to hold germs and it can be surprising what gets into the fibers of a carpet and remain there even after vacuuming. Dust, hair follicles, and skin follicles, along with pet hair and dust mites can found on the carpet, along with trap inside the fibers, no matter how many times you vacuum.

Wooden floors do not keep germs, fibers and pet hairs and the floor can be easily swept, mopped and disinfected. Wooden flooring is essential for families who have asthmatics or for those who have small children who are crawling or just learning to walk.

Keeps Cooler in Summer

Wooden floors are cooler during the summer months than carpet. Walking barefoot on a wooden floor in the summer helps to cool you down and can stop the room from holding heat. In the winter months, if the floor gets too cool rugs may lay down on top of the wood.

Wooden Flooring Lasts Longer Than Carpeting

Wooden flooring generally has a longer lifespan than carpeting. A carpet will usually come with a guarantee of no longer than 10 years and this is if you pay out for good quality carpeting. During its lifespan it is going to get old and worn, more so if you have children or pets

Wood flooring never gets old looking with the proper care and attention. Wood floors usually come with a guarantee of around 20 years or more, depending on the quality you choose.

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