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20mm Monarch CollectionEngineeredGrand Oak


WOOD FINISH         UV Lacquer

TEXTURE                  Wire Brushed

GLOSS LEVEL          Matte Finish

SIZE                            2200mm x 220mm

THICKNESS              20mm (6mm top)

PACK SIZE                 1.936m2


Ghost White Oak is reminiscent of Nordic inspired light engineered oak boards. With a soft, clean, sleek and modern look with a smokey undertone. The smoking process enhances the depth, colour and natural white characteristics two fold and also provides maximum floorboard durability for long lasting home use.

The authentic look and feel of this white washed wood, is further enhanced by smoothing the surface, in order to accentuate its natural oak grain structure.




The premium grade European Oak Flooring is manufactured with the latest German machinery to produce, a precision engineered floor that will last the test of time.

GrandOak Monarch Collection flooring is thicker than most solid timbers on the market.

This board has the advantage of being 220mm super wide and 2200 mm long.

It is certainly the statement piece for your next home project.





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