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Regupol 4515 9mm

The Regupol® 4515 9mm is a soundproofing acoustic underlay manufactured from high quality PUR foam granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane. The product is light weight and suitable for use with under floor heating systems. Regupol®4515 9mm offers excellent cohesion qualities making it a preferred material choice for direct fix installations of ceramic tiles (300x300mm and above), stone and marble floors.
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  • The Regupol® 4515 is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from PUR foam-granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane.
  • Cut into modular tiles 1050 x 500mm.
  • Also available in rolls 20 lineal metres x 1.0 metre wide.
  • The Regupol®4515 is available in 9mm thickness.

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