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Regupol 4515S 3mm

The Regupol® 4515-S 3mm is a soundproofing acoustic underlay manufactured from high quality PUR foam granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane. This unique material composition allows the acoustic underlay to be compatible with PVC flooring and will not cause plasticizer migration. The sanded finish and smooth texture of the Regupol® 4515-S 3mm enables the resilient flooring to be installed directly to the underlay, without the need for separation layers.
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  • The Regupol® 4515-S is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from PUR foam-granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane.
  • One side sanded for creating a superior surface for the resilient and vinyl floor surfaces.
  • Regupol® 4515-S is delivered in rolls 20 lineal metres x 1.0 metre wide.
  • The Regupol® 4515-S is 3mm thickness.

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