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Regupol 6010 8/4mm

Regupol® 6010 8/4mm dimple is a soundproofing acoustic underlay manufactured from recycled SBR rubber, bound with polyurethane. The finished product is technically superior when it comes to installing a variety of approved floor finishes and bonded screed beds. The dimple profile allows for the impact sound generated to dissipate and effectively reduce.
Regupol® 6010 8/4mm dimple acoustic underlay is very popular under bonded screed beds and commercial screeds and is used throughout the retail, education, commercial and multi-residential building sectors.
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  • The Regupol® 6010 8/4mm dimple is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from selected SBR rubber, bound with polyurethane.
  • Also available in rolls 20 lineal metres x 1.15 metres wide.
  • The Regupol® 6010 8/4 dimple is 8mm thickness

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