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Regupol K255 5mm



The Regupol® K225 is a soundproofing acoustic underlay manufactured from recycled SBR rubber granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane. The product composition produces an effective acoustic barrier to install parquetry and timber floors directly to the surface finish. The cork and rubber combination ensures excellent cohesion between the polyurethane adhesive, the acoustic underlay and the timber floor.

Regupol® K225 Impact Sound Acoustic Underlay has been installed in some of the world’s finest multi-residential buildings providing a good level of impact sound reduction under timber flooring.

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  • The Regupol® K225 is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from selected cork and SBR rubber, bound with polyurethane.
  • Cut into Modular tiles 1050 x 500mm
  • Also available in rolls 20 lineal metres x 1.0 metre wide.
  • The Regupol® K225 is 5mm thickness.

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