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Regupol V800

  • The Regupol® V800 8/4mm dimple is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made.
  • From selected Polyurethane elastomer foam bound with Polyurethane.
  • Regupol® V800 8/4mm dimple is delivered in rolls 13 lineal metres x 1.15 metres wide.
  • Regupol® V800 8/4mm is 8mm thickness.
  • Please note that Regupol® V800 8/4mm is not suitable for wet areas.


  •  The Regupol® V800 8/4mm dimple is a soundproofing acoustic underlay made from Pur foam bound with polyurethane.
  • This product is made to a specific density and finished in a 3D dimple profile.
  • The material offers very good sound reduction under timber floors and internal screen beds

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